-All routine Lab work, testing, & screening (done at the center for your convenience) 

-Diagnostic 20wk anatomy scan (read by a radiologist) 

-All prenatal visits

-Labor, delivery, provider, & facility fee 

-Routine newborn Care (Includes newborn exam(s), heart screen, hearing screen, metabolic screen, bilirubin check)

-All postpartum care (including any needed postpartum visits beyond routine  schedule)

-Breastfeeding education & support

-Childbirth, breastfeeding, Optimal Fetal Positioning, and newborn care education classes 

-24/7 Access to the midwives (from beginning of care through 6 weeks postpartum)

-Diet,  exercise & supplement recommendations and counseling

-3D/4D ultrasound around 28 weeks of pregnancy if desired

-Access to The Addice postpartum moms group

(See the "SERVICES" page for a detailed explanation of services provided)

The Addice is an out-of-network provider for most insurance companies. We are happy to provide all necessary documents needed if you would like to file with your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

What about insurance


Do you take Medicaid


Unfortunately we do not accept medicaid at this time. However, we do offer a significant cash discount for women currently on medicaid.

Can I use my HSA


Yes! Your HSA is able to be applied to our services. 

Do you work with healthshare plans


Yes! We are happy to answer any questions you have about how we work with healthshare plans. 

The only way we can ensure you have no surprises in the cost of your maternity care is to include everything you could need or want in your care package. 

  what is included in your care package?

nitrous oxide,
newborn metabolic screen,
48 hour postpartum homevist,
newborn hearing screen,
vitamin K for newborn (if desired),
Erythromycin eye ointment for newborn (if desired),
additional weight checks for baby (if desired),
IV fluids (if indicated/desired),
prenatal or postpartum pap smear (if needed),
routine lab work,
childbirth classes, &
lactation support  

Included in the care package?

we are happy to discuss all financial questions about care during your free consultation. 



-Non-Routine Labs (only 10% of patients will need a non routine lab during care)
-Non-routine Ultrasound (requested or recommended ultrasounds are $100)
-RhoGAM (if needed by Rh(-) mothers is $95)

  not included in your care package:

all inclusive care package price


Our desire is that you know exactly what your maternity care is going to cost so you can plan accordingly. No surprises! For this reason we offer our care in an all-inclusive package. Ask about our payment plans, financing options, and applicable discounts. The Addice is dedicated to providing assistance with the financial process. If you have a financial or billing question, please reach out! 





schedule a free consultation

Recently, our costs in every area (including supplies, equipment, testing, and services) has significantly increased. For this reason, in order to continue to provide the standard of care we feel that each mom, baby, and partner deserves, we have adjusted our "Addice Care Package" price. This adjustment is the minimum possible increase to cover our rising costs.

The decision to adjust the cost of care was not made lightly as we know that it will affect access to care for some families. We will continue to offer applicable discounts, financing options, payment plans, and support for possible insurance reimbursement. We maintain the desire to make our care an option for any family that feels we are the right fit for their maternity care. 

A note to our community, 


The Addice Team