Initial visit 

8-27 weeks (every 4 weeks)
28-36 weeks (every 2 weeks)
37-41 (weekly)
41-42 weeks (bi-weekly)

Prenatal Visit Schedule

+ Weight check
+ Fetal growth check
+ Listen to baby’s heartbeat
+ Nutrition and exercise counseling
+ Discuss all questions, or concerns in depth 20 weeks 
+ Anatomy scan offered at our center 

+ All components of routine visit
+ 28 week labs (including diabetes screen)


labor &
birth care

At The Addice, your baby’s birth is special to us! You will be greeted by midwives and staff who are excited for your family, and ready to support you on this exciting day.

+ Physical and emotional support for you and your partner throughout labor
+ Continuous monitoring of baby and mothers wellbeing
+ Intermittent fetal monitoring to allow for mobility
+ IV antibiotics available for GBS positive mothers
+ IV fluids available if indicated
+ Comfort measures such as hydrotherapy, massage techniques, guided position            changes, and Nitrous Oxide.  
+ Immediate skin to skin contact for mom and baby
+ Delayed cord clamping
+ Herbal healing bath for mom and baby to promote healing and relaxation
+Care providers who know you, are experts in caring for mom and baby in the out-of-hospital setting, and provide  personalized care during your labor and birth. 


+ Routine medications are available with parental consent, (i.e. erythromycin eye ointment, and vitamin K)
+ Herbal healing bath for mom and baby
+ Breastfeeding support 
+ Newborn physical exam
+ Newborn heart screening
+ Newborn hearing screen
+ Newborn metabolic screen 
+ 24-48 hour in-home postpartum and lactation visit
+ 2 & 6 week in-center postpartum visits
+ 24/7 access to your midwives

other services

+ Ultrasounds services
+ Prenatal and postpartum exercise classes
+ Childbirth classes
+ Pregnancy, newborn, and maternal education classes
+ Lactation Consulting
+ Postpartum support and meet-up groups
+ Well-woman visits
+ Retail items such as vitamins, supplements, and baby necessities

We are excited to offer the below services to the community

(average 90 minutes)

+ Review of family, health, and obstetrical history
+ Physical exam
+ Obstetrical exam (listening to baby’s heartbeat, and fetal growth check)
+ How to maintain a low risk pregnancy (nutritional and exercise counseling)
+ Initial lab work
+ Review resources 

Routine visit 

(average 30-45 minutes)

28 week visit 

(average 45 minutes)

+ All components of routine visit 
+ Group Beta Strep testing (GBS)
+ Invite your birth team to this visit so we can all meet!
+ Planning for the big day, review of your birth preferences
+ Set up weekly prenatal visits until birth

36 week visit 

(average 45 minutes)


meet the team