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Research shows that delivering at a birth center is a safe option for healthy, low-risk mothers. At The Addice, we offer vigilant prenatal screening to ensure that you are healthy, and experiencing a low-risk pregnancy. In the rare event they are needed, each birth suite is prepared with medications and emergency equipment. We are strategically located 0.4 miles from Memorial Hermann, The Woodlands hospital, and strive to have good working relationships with both the medical community and our collaborating physician. This will provide seamless transfer of care to the hospital in the rare case that it is necessary. 


The Addice is creating a new experience in birth! Your prenatal, birth and postpartum experience matter to us, and every detail of The Addice is designed with mothers and their families in mind. Our exam rooms are created for conversation and unhurried prenatal visits. The beautifully appointed birth suites offer equipment and supplies for a safe birth, in a large master suite-like setting. Our prenatal and postpartum groups are a place to find your mama tribe!

Birth Center

The Addice has developed a care model in which our midwives work in collaboration with one another to know and support each client throughout their care. Our midwives work in accord, unified in their desire to give each client the care that merges up-to-date evidence-based science, with the tradition of midwifery. 

 a Full-scale Pregnancy care and birth center 


Research has shown that 27 % of women delivering in a hospital required a C-section, compared to the low 6 % of similarly low-risk women cared for in birth centers, concluding that the C-section rate for women planning to deliver in a birth center is 4 times lower than that of women planning a hospital birth. 

Studies also show that water immersion during labor reduces pain, length of labor, may decreases likelihood of tearing, and improves satisfaction with the birth experience. Research shows there is not an increase in risk of infection, or differences in the baby’s transition after birth.  

Research shows that women who are mobile and allowed to eat and drink in labor have shorter labors as well as higher maternal satisfaction rates. 

Delayed cord clamping has been shown to have many benefits. It allows more blood to transfer from the placenta to the baby increasing blood volume by up to a third! It also increases iron storage which is essential for healthy brain development and provides more stem cells to the baby. Some families choose to cord blood bank, which we can discuss further at
your appointment. 

Placing the baby skin to skin helps to transition baby to life outside the womb, regulate baby’s temperature, stabilize blood sugars, and encourage breastfeeding and bonding. Good news is dads can do it too!






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Did you know Nitrous Oxide is a great alternative to IV pain medication and epidurals and is available at The Addice? It is considered safe to use in labor at low doses and helps with anxiety and pain management.

Birth centers allow for unique options such as early discharge from the center so you don’t have to stay overnight. This allows for uninterrupted sleep and alone time with you and your family.




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